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Featured Curator: Ali // ctrl-glitch

Adrian Chin is a 27 year old Filipino-American digital artist. In lieu of going to medical school, he decided to pursue his passion and pick up art full-time after graduating from college. When asked what inspires him to create his dark, textured and captivating pieces, Adrian said:

“So many things inspire my art-making. It could be a feeling, a texture, an image, looking at art. Sometimes I just want to draw and figure it out from there… I’d describe my work as: ugly, beautiful, [and] meditative.”

Some of Adrian’s favorite artists are Rembrandt van Rijn, Leonardo DaVinci, Zdzisław Beksiński, Max Brödel, and countless others.


Voider Sun
Brock Davis


Sophia Narret


Your Beautiful Eyes by Suren Manvelyan


Ben Parks | Tumblr


Featured Curator: Justin Ruckman

From his self-made 8’ x 8’ backyard observatory in Michigan, Terry Hancock produces astronomical imagery rivaling that of NASA or JPL. His compositions are often the result of 15 hour integrations or longer, and feature such incredible attention to detail, framing, and color, that you could be forgiven for mistaking them as exquisitely crafted paintings. Much more of his work is available on his website, and on Flickr.




I made an animated infographic about muscles! You can check out the full version here or get the poster here :)

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